Indiginerds is Crowdfunding Now

Hey folks! First things first, Indiginerds is currently crowdfunding. It has made goal but we really want to get it to the 35k stretch goal as soon as possible. When we hit that, Iron Circus will be able to donate copies to indigenous libraries and schools. It will help indigenous kids see themselves in stories and it gets the indigenous artists in the book a raise. November is National Native American Heritage Month, so it’s the perfect time to back something like Indiginerds.

November is pretty quiet otherwise. Alina will be a guest on Geekshow for a crowdfund end countdown on November 16th. And I’m going to do my usual streaming. 

I’m still gonna be answering readers questions in comic form so, if you have one post it here!

Watching Wolf Guy last month turned out to be a bust because of technically difficulties. The full moon movie watch parties have been tending toward horror lately. So for a change of pace, next one will be a comedy. On November 27th at 5pm PST, please join me and some other fine folks while we watch Teen Wolf the movie (not the MTV tv show). Click if you want to join.

I’ll also be doing my usual streaming

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Stop by!

The big thing from last month is I started answering reader question. Here’s a look at it. 

As long as it’s not a spoiler I’ll answer. So post any questions you got here

This month I’m gonna try to finish Blue Moon’s script. My work load from Seven Seas is kinda light, so gonna focus on getting that out the door so Meredith can start drawing it. That and get ahead on The City Between.

After Blue Moon is done, I’m gonna write the next City Between story. It’s called Glass Diamonds and will be about Rebecca and her next client. Shards of Reflection is about half way done, so I need to make sure Glass Diamonds is ready to go sooner rather than later. I’ve been fiddling with some concept art for it.

Once those two things are off my plate, I’ll finish up the art for my werewolf videogame and get back to You are the Chosen One. 

While doing all that, I need to sit down and build a crowdfund for Murky Water. I’ve been putting it off because there was a paper shortage. So the cost of printing had shot up. I was hoping to wait it out and I think things have settled down. Obviously they are still higher than last time I printed a book because of inflation, but it’s as cheap as it’s gonna get. 

I was also waiting a bit because I wanted to see how the crowdfunding landscape shakes out. About two years ago I wrote about Kickstarter saying they would try out block chain. At the time I said I wasn’t gonna use them and was looking into Indiegogo and Zoop. Since then, Crowdfundr and Backerkit got into the crowdfunding landscape and Kickstarter has walked back blockchain (sorta). 

The problem almost all the non-kickstarter crowdfunds are having is no one browses their websites to find crowdfunds. It means all your crowdfunding success depends on the fanbase you already have and spreading the word on social media. But social media is currently falling apart. Part of my duties at Iron Circus is making the schedule for all the crowdfunds. So I’ve seen first had as social media referrals become smaller and smaller. Which makes crowdfunding harder than ever, especially if people aren’t browsing the site in general.

I was considering using Backerkit which is what Iron Circus has been using lately. But I won’t recommend them to the average creator. Backerkit gets around the no browsing problem by having a robust advertising service. Which seemed promising at first, but myself and several smaller comic artists quickly learned the Backerkit will only run those ads IF you’ve already hit goal. So all their promo help is designed around you already being super successful. Like after the first day, Backerkit turned off ads for Indiginerds and didn’t turn them back on until after it hit goal. So while they are good for Iron Circus, who’s projects usually fund in a day or two, they would be pretty useless for me. My projects usually fund in the last week if not that last few days. 

Also, since I’ve built several backerkit pages for Iron Circus, I know that I find their back end UI obtuse. I lose a lot of time trying to find stuff when I build those pages. But if their ads had been more useful, I would have sucked it up. 

As for Kickstarter’s end of things. I said the sorta walked back using the blockchain. Basically, the guy who pushed for it was forces to leave. I forget if he was outright fired or if he left on his own. But either way, after that Kickstarter said they were still open to maybe using blockchain in the future but wouldn’t put any resources into it until a benefit is proven. And since their blockchain plans were mostly all buzzword gibberish before, that means they won’t be using it anytime soon. I’m still annoyed they won’t swear it off, but that seems the best they are gonna do. So whole crowdfund landscape in my mind is:

But with social media falling apart and none of the crowdfunding sites having a lot of browsing going on, I’m like 90% I’m gonna have to go back to Kickstarter. It’s really frustrating. 

I also got to figure out what to do about international shipping which is it’s own mess. The post office has been gutted so badly that international shipping has gotten wildly out of had. Like sending one of The City Between books to Europe now costs like $25. It’s ridiculous. So before this crowdfund happens, I need to figure out what I’m doing on that end. 

Anyway, thanks everyone for your support as usual! Especially those who back my patreon. Shit is rough out there for indie artists right now.

Spooky Season is Here!

Hi everyone! And welcome to everyone who signed up for my newsletter at Rose Comic Con. It turned out to be the best Rose City Comic Con I’ve ever been to. 

If you’re new here I’m making these comics:

  • Blue Moon is a werewolf romance gn I’m writing and Meredith McClarren is going to draw. I’m late on its script.
  • The City Between is my webcomic about werewolves in the future. It updates Wednesdays. The current story is called Shards of Reflection.
  • You are the Chosen One is a fantasy comic about 23 kids who got the same prophecy dream. It was posting on Fridays on my Patreon. But my editorial work has been piling up/overwhelming me lately. So it’s on hold until I finish up some other stuff.

My day job is an editor at the manga company Seven Seas and the indie comic publisher Iron Circus Comics. I like folklore, fantasy, and especially like werewolves.

The big exciting thing this month is I’ve been helping my good friend and streaming cohost, Alina Pete, build and prep a backerkit campaign for the anthology they’ve been editing, Indiginerds.

Indiginerds wants to celebrate the ever evolving Indigenous culture. Organized by the ever talented editor Alina Pete, one of the co-editors on Iron Circus’s wildly successful anthology Woman in the Woods, this book collects work from several indigenous artists and writers. From gaming to social media, pirate radio to garage bands, Star Trek to D&D, and missed connections at the pow wow, Indigenous culture is so much more than how it’s usually portrayed.  Join this anthology as it examines balancing traditional ways of knowing and pop culture.

It will launch October 16th. If you want to be one of the first people to backer, you can sign up to be notified here. It’s a great book and I’m excited for the world to see Alina’s hard work. 

This month, I’m also gonna start making comics that answer reader questions. If you have one post it here!

Also on full moons, I host a werewolf movie watch parties in my discord. Next full moon is October 28th. And at noon PST, we will be watching the 70s Japanese werewolf movie, Wolf Guy! If you’d like to join click here.

I’ll also be doing my usual streaming

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Stop by!

Last month I was mostly keeping my nose to the grindstone except for selling stuff at Rose City Comic Con. Thanks everyone who stopped by and grabbed a book. I mostly took pictures of cosplay when I wasn’t selling books. You can see them all here. But there are the highlights.

The leads of the Sabriel series by Garth Nix!

An excellent Claudia from Interview with a Vampire show

Nedry from Jurassic Park, complete with shaving cream dna holder.

And best for last, an older cosplay rocking a Granny Goodness from New Gods. 

This month I got several of the backgrounds done for the video game I’m working on for Iron Circus games. I have two or 3 more settings to draw. But I’m gonna spend next month focused The City Between and the manga I’m editing for Seven Seas. 

Speaking of manga, one of the favorite titles I’ve been editing for Seven Seas, Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout, is out now.

It’s about a guy who is transported into a fantasy world and is turned into a hot girl. His best friend is also transported and the two have to stop a demonlord to get home. It’s complicated by the fact that they are cursed to be attracted to each other. It’s a deconstruction of both romance and fantasy tropes while talking about gender identity. It’s a lot of fun!

This month I’ve mostly been watching Star Trek stuff. Particularly, Lower Decks. I appreciate that while Lower Decks is an adult comedy cartoon, it’s humor doesn’t come from one character being awful and abuse to other. That’s a refreshing break from all the adult cartoons trying to copy Rick and Morty. I think the characters are just a lot of fun. Also, this season the little monster Moopsy has captured my heart (and my bones.) They need plushies of this little guy.

I also reread one of my favorite mangas, Pluto. If you are unfamiliar, Pluto is a retelling and modernization of an Astroboy story. It is a murder mystery as a robot detective looks into someone murdering the worlds most advanced robots. I decided to reread it because there was a question going around bluesky about what scenes from comics have stuck with people/”live in their head.” For me it’s a scene between Astroboy (or Atom as he is called in this book) and the scientist who built him, Dr Tenma, having diner.

Basically, this scene sticks with me because Atom was built to replace Dr. Tenma’s dead son. This starts with Atom talking about his interests and how he happily did his chores. Everything Atom cares about isn’t what Dr. Tenma’s son cared about. Both of them realize over the meal that Atom is his own person and he can’t replace Dr. Tenma’s son. So even though Atom is the most humanlike robot ever made and is a grade scientific achievement, Dr. Tenma failed in his goal to bring back his son. And Atom is left is an impossible task. I think it’s just such a well paced and laid out scene. In context, I think it’s heartbreaking. 

That’s it for this month! Have a good one everyone.

Last Con Stop Rose City

I’m going to be at Rose City Comic this month. It’s September 22-24 and will be in Artist Alley table Y-1. Stop by and say hello!

Slow tweaks are still happening to my site. Last week I updated all the photos of stuff in the store. My bud Kevin is gonna change the design of the store soon. 

On full moons we watch werewolf movies in my fan discord. So September 28th we are gonna watch When Animals Dream, a personal favorite werewolf movie of mine. If you want to join, click here and hang out at 4pm PST

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Stop by!

Speaking of streaming, on the most recent stream I went on a bit of a rant about the musical Rent. Feel free to give it a listen.

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet online for me.

I’ve had a lot on my plate for while, hense why You are the Chosen One is on pause until I finish sometimes up.

One of those things has been under NDA until now. I’m doing art for a small videogame. It’s a time management puzzle. The plot is you are a single parent of a werewolf child (pictured above). You have to prep the basement and backyard for the full moon. It’s about 30% of the way done. I should be done by the end of the year. 

I want to give Patreon backers something to make up for not getting You are the Chosen One pages. So I’m going to do quick sketch comics to answer reader questions. So if you have any questions for me about any of my comics drop em here. The answers will start getting posted in October.  

While working I’ve been relistening to the October Daye series which is one of my favorites. There is a new volume in the series coming out on September 5th. I always like revisiting it before a new volume drops. 

Otherwise this month I’ll mostly be doing editorial work and getting as much done of Blue Moon. 

That’s it for this month! Have a good one everyone.

Back from Comic Con

Hi everyone! And welcome to everyone who signed up for my newsletter at San Diego Comic Con. It was fun to see a San Diego Comic Con where comics were the focus again. 

If you’re new here I’m making these comics:

  • Blue Moon is a werewolf romance gn I’m writing and Meredith McClarren is going to draw. I’m late on its script. 
  • The City Between is my webcomic about werewolves in the future. It updates Wednesdays. The current story is called Shards of Reflection. 
  • You are the Chosen One is a fantasy comic about 23 kids who got the same prophecy dream. It was posting on Fridays on my Patreon. But my editorial work has been piling up/overwhelming me lately. So it’s on hold until I finish up some other stuff. 

My day job is an editor at the manga company Seven Seas and the indie comic publisher Iron Circus Comics. I like folklore, fantasy, and especially like werewolves. 

This month I’m making tweaks to my website. So we finished some more minor switches like adding more social media buttons to the top bar. But this month we are gonna revamp the store section. Speaking of the store, Misfits of Avalon volume 1 is out of print. I just sent the last ten copies to White Squirrel who handles my store fulfillment. I’m not gonna sell it at cons anymore. In about a year or so, I’ll probably talk to Darkhorse about putting it back online and printing an omnibus. 

This month’s werewolf movie is The Howling 2. I’m showing it in my discord server August 30th at 5pm PST. Pop in to join if you like! 

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

On August 24th, we’ll have Tracy Butler of Lackadaisy Cats on Iron Circus Geekshow as a guest to close out the wildly successful Iron Circus crowdfund for Lackadaisy Season 1.

So last month I was too wiped to post photos of going to the Del Tor that I went to in June. But I sat down and put them in a drive that anyone can browse. So have a look if you wanna see some of the puppets used in the Pinnocino movie. 

While I was at San Diego Comic Con, I went to a Junji Ito exhibit. It was very cool seeing his originals. I always think its cool to see how different artists end up using white out or what needs correcting. All the photos I took during SDCC are also in a drive for you to browse. 

If you just want to see cosplayers though and not horror art I posted cosplay photos on my instagram.

As for what I’m working on, I’m still playing catch up on stuff from shake ups at Iron Circus Comics. So I’m officially putting You are the Chosen One on hold until I have Blue Moon scripted. I might put it on hold longer because I realize I’m almost half way through Shards of Reflection and haven’t finished the next City Between stories’s script. I’m pretty sure more people read/are interested in The City Between than You are the Chosen One. So it’s got to take priority. 

Some time this month I need to find time to clean up Murky Water. It got it’s first proofreading pass and I need to fix text. Then I need to start building a crowdfund for it and decide when and where to run it. Iron Circus has been having good luck with Backerkit, but it’s back end is overly complicated in my opinion. Meanwhile, I said last year that I probably wasn’t gonna use Kickstarter again because of them moving to the blockchain. They have kinda walked that back, but not 100%. Either this month or next, I’ll type something up and ask what you all think of both platforms. 

With all this on my plate, I haven’t had much time to check out new stuff. Plus with the writers/actor strike, I don’t want to promo any TV or Movies I’ve been watching. The makes my what I’ve been checking out section pretty focused/brief. 

I started reading Berserk. 

And it’s really really good.

If you are unfamiliar with Berserk, it’s a classic manga/anime. And about a year ago it’s creator, Kentaro Miura, died. Since then more and more people online have been giving it new attention and encouraged people to sit down and read it. The youtuber Super Eyepatch Wolf had a video that got me interested, Then FD Signifier brought it up in his videoessay about masculinity and anime. And then War Rocket Ajax reviewed it on Comic Catch up. So I pulled the trigger and read a big chunk of it. 

And like I said, it’s really really. It’s extremely violent and frequently indulges in edge lord levels of grim dark. So skip it if you don’t like extreme violence. But there is some beautiful character moments that are all the more touching because they contrast the violence. 

It’s just some really good comic storytelling. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks everyone for your support!

See You at VanCAF

This is copy pasted from my newletter. 

Hey all! My main thing is I’ll be at VanCAF which is in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 20&21. They haven’t posted con maps yet, so I don’t know what my table number is. But I’ll be there and it’s free to get into. So stop by!

Like I said the big thing this month is going to VanCAF. The rest of the month is mostly keeping my nose to the grindstone. 

This month’s full moon movie is The Wolfman again. This time the remake. While watching the original Wolf Man, myself and other folks in the discord talked about some of the stuff that was changed in the remake (stuff like the remake is twice as long.) So I figured doing a back to back would be kinda fun. So if you wanna join, we’ll be watching it May 5th at 6pm PST. Join the discord if you want.

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

I mentioned last month that I was redoing the live reading of Fame and Misfortune. My mic worked this time so I’ve saved it and posted it on my youtube. We go over through the whole story in about 30 mins. Then I answer some questions from fans.

I’ll definitely doing something like this for The Better to Find You With. As I’ll get to in the next section, I got a lot of stuff on my plate. It will probably be some time in the fall.

I spent a lot of April still playing catching up on things. I was really backed up on my work for Seven Seas. I think I got it handled now, but Blue Moon is still not done. I think that has to be my primary focus this month. I was hoping to get the current chapter of You are the Chosen One last month, but that didn’t happen. It’s penciled so for the next few Fridays I’ll post the pencils of the rest of chapter.

By the time those go up, I’ll hopefully be done with Blue Moon and can give You are the Chosen One more attention. I hate to do it, but I have to put something on hold. The City Between being free means it gets me more new readers/attention and You are the Chosen One takes longer. And after I write Blue Moon, I should probably make sure the next batch of You are the Chosen One script are ready for drawing.

So here’s my to do list/priority:

  • Write Blue Moon
  • Keep up with The City Between
  • Freelance thing that is NDA
  • Clean up Murky Water to make a book
  • Finish Chapter 3 of You are the Chosen One
  • Review next few chapters of You are the Chosen One

Anyway, that’s quite a lot. 

I barely had time to read or watch new stuff this month. So kinda a short list this month.

  • Darling by Olivia Stephens – Darling is a Western Horror about a black woman who’s living as a werewolf to escape the racism of 1800s America. She meets a black man on the run and the two have an instant connection Olivia art is excellent and rendering makes every page look both beautiful and haunting. It’s one of the best werewolf comics I’ve read. You should all go back it here.
  • Love is Hard for Otaku – This is one checked out because Mangasplaining did an episode on it. They had a kinda mixed opinion of it, but I was curious to look into it myself. It’s about a gal who’s a big nerd but is hiding it from her day job because her last boyfriend dumped her for being too nerdy. A nerdy guy friend proposes they date each other because since they are both nerds she won’t have to worry about him dumping her for it. There is a manga and an anime. The manga is a little rough. The pacing seems to be kinda wonky. The anime does a better job landing the jokes, mostly because a lot of the jokes involved references to anime. So the joke works better when they can copy the scene from Evangelion shot for shot, rather than translation the animation into a comic. I don’t 100% buy the characters as a couple so I’m on the fence about continuing to watch it. 
  • Nope – This was something that was on my I should get around to seeing this movie since it came out. It was streaming so I made a point to watch it. It’s less than a year old so I won’t go into details about the plot. But I really liked the point it makes about random chance and nature. I also really liked the relationship between the two main siblings. It was a good mix for conflict, frustration, and affection.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through the big workload that’s going on. Please back my Patreon if you can. Every little bit helps!