Spooky Season is Here!

Hi everyone! And welcome to everyone who signed up for my newsletter at Rose Comic Con. It turned out to be the best Rose City Comic Con I’ve ever been to. 

If you’re new here I’m making these comics:

  • Blue Moon is a werewolf romance gn I’m writing and Meredith McClarren is going to draw. I’m late on its script.
  • The City Between is my webcomic about werewolves in the future. It updates Wednesdays. The current story is called Shards of Reflection.
  • You are the Chosen One is a fantasy comic about 23 kids who got the same prophecy dream. It was posting on Fridays on my Patreon. But my editorial work has been piling up/overwhelming me lately. So it’s on hold until I finish up some other stuff.

My day job is an editor at the manga company Seven Seas and the indie comic publisher Iron Circus Comics. I like folklore, fantasy, and especially like werewolves.

The big exciting thing this month is I’ve been helping my good friend and streaming cohost, Alina Pete, build and prep a backerkit campaign for the anthology they’ve been editing, Indiginerds.

Indiginerds wants to celebrate the ever evolving Indigenous culture. Organized by the ever talented editor Alina Pete, one of the co-editors on Iron Circus’s wildly successful anthology Woman in the Woods, this book collects work from several indigenous artists and writers. From gaming to social media, pirate radio to garage bands, Star Trek to D&D, and missed connections at the pow wow, Indigenous culture is so much more than how it’s usually portrayed.  Join this anthology as it examines balancing traditional ways of knowing and pop culture.

It will launch October 16th. If you want to be one of the first people to backer, you can sign up to be notified here. It’s a great book and I’m excited for the world to see Alina’s hard work. 

This month, I’m also gonna start making comics that answer reader questions. If you have one post it here!

Also on full moons, I host a werewolf movie watch parties in my discord. Next full moon is October 28th. And at noon PST, we will be watching the 70s Japanese werewolf movie, Wolf Guy! If you’d like to join click here.

I’ll also be doing my usual streaming

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Stop by!

Last month I was mostly keeping my nose to the grindstone except for selling stuff at Rose City Comic Con. Thanks everyone who stopped by and grabbed a book. I mostly took pictures of cosplay when I wasn’t selling books. You can see them all here. But there are the highlights.

The leads of the Sabriel series by Garth Nix!

An excellent Claudia from Interview with a Vampire show

Nedry from Jurassic Park, complete with shaving cream dna holder.

And best for last, an older cosplay rocking a Granny Goodness from New Gods. 

This month I got several of the backgrounds done for the video game I’m working on for Iron Circus games. I have two or 3 more settings to draw. But I’m gonna spend next month focused The City Between and the manga I’m editing for Seven Seas. 

Speaking of manga, one of the favorite titles I’ve been editing for Seven Seas, Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout, is out now.

It’s about a guy who is transported into a fantasy world and is turned into a hot girl. His best friend is also transported and the two have to stop a demonlord to get home. It’s complicated by the fact that they are cursed to be attracted to each other. It’s a deconstruction of both romance and fantasy tropes while talking about gender identity. It’s a lot of fun!

This month I’ve mostly been watching Star Trek stuff. Particularly, Lower Decks. I appreciate that while Lower Decks is an adult comedy cartoon, it’s humor doesn’t come from one character being awful and abuse to other. That’s a refreshing break from all the adult cartoons trying to copy Rick and Morty. I think the characters are just a lot of fun. Also, this season the little monster Moopsy has captured my heart (and my bones.) They need plushies of this little guy.

I also reread one of my favorite mangas, Pluto. If you are unfamiliar, Pluto is a retelling and modernization of an Astroboy story. It is a murder mystery as a robot detective looks into someone murdering the worlds most advanced robots. I decided to reread it because there was a question going around bluesky about what scenes from comics have stuck with people/”live in their head.” For me it’s a scene between Astroboy (or Atom as he is called in this book) and the scientist who built him, Dr Tenma, having diner.

Basically, this scene sticks with me because Atom was built to replace Dr. Tenma’s dead son. This starts with Atom talking about his interests and how he happily did his chores. Everything Atom cares about isn’t what Dr. Tenma’s son cared about. Both of them realize over the meal that Atom is his own person and he can’t replace Dr. Tenma’s son. So even though Atom is the most humanlike robot ever made and is a grade scientific achievement, Dr. Tenma failed in his goal to bring back his son. And Atom is left is an impossible task. I think it’s just such a well paced and laid out scene. In context, I think it’s heartbreaking. 

That’s it for this month! Have a good one everyone.

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