The City Between

A series of supernatural tales all set in the same futuristic city. Ongoing. New Story Story list

You Are The Chosen One

23 kids are sent the same prophecy dream telling them they are chosen to stop a rising dark power. Ongoing. Read on Patreon

SuperNatural Attraction

Persephone died and was brought back to life. Now she can see the supernatural. On Hiatus. Read on Patreon

Cautionary Fables And Fairytales

Collections of fairytales drawn by dozens of artists, set all across the world. Updated every other year. buy read

Sorcery 101

Chain-smoking history teacher, Danny, struggles to learn sorcery from an angsty vampire. Complete. Read from Start Chapter List

Sorcery 101 Collection

Collections of side stories set in the same world as Sorcery 101. Complete. Story list

The Stone King

A young thief angers a giant by stealing a rare gem. Now she must return it to save her home. Read on Comixology


A collect of various shorts Kel has done over the years for independent anthologies. New stories added as completed. Story list

Dracula Mystery Club

A parody of teen vampire romance. Drawn in 2012. Discontinued. read

Misfits of Avalon

A group of terrible teenage girls are given magical powers and charged with retrieving a sword for Avalon. Finished. Read Preview Buy

Stars, Hide Your Fire

Teen girl friends find themselves on oppisite sides of a century old supernatural conflict. Finished. Buy

Buffy: The High School Years

Stand alone stories that act as lost episodes to the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. buy

Angel & Faith

A guest issue for Angel and Faith Season 10. Angel and Fred visit Galway, Ireland. Buy

The Worst Day

An Adventure Time short where Marceline tries to write the saddest song. buy

Publish or Perish

An Adventure Time short where Finn and Jake are trying to stop the Why-wolves super sneaky plot. buy

Clark Collins

Clark Collins is a detective extraordinaire who sees supernatural mysteries where their are none. buy story 1 buy story 2

Across the Channel

A short comic based on the first balloon ride across the English Channel. buy

I Will Return

A space ballet for the Womanthology space volume. buy

Love Lorn

A pornagraphic short about a science team stranded on an untamed planet. buy