Sorcery 101 Chapter List

Chapter 1
Chapter 1IntroWhile learning magic, even a simple trip to the video store is complicated. 19 pages long.
Chapter 2Predators When Danny is robbed and his friends are all busy, he gets help from his last resort. 30 pages long.
Chapter 3Life LessonsDanny must help one of his students with a love spell gone wrong. 26 pages long.
Chapter 4Wild ThingsPart 1Danny and his friend Brad are jumped by wolf demons.
Chapter 4Wild ThingsPart 2Little Rebecca is left alone with one of Danny’s students. Danny and Brad have warn the kid what he is in for. 29 pages long.
Chapter 4Wild Things Part 3Newbie werewolf Jeff was grabbed by vampires. With Seth’s help, Brad and Danny infiltrate a vampire party to save him. 34 pages long.
Chapter 4Wild ThingsPart 4Jeff is rescued but the gang is caught. To get them out of it, Seth has agreed to a gamble he will surely lose. 27 pages long.
Chapter 4Wild Things Part 5Seth faces off with Suryu while everyone else can only look on. 33 pages long.
Chapter 5 ResponsibilitiesPart 1Ally is called to help her cousin fight off some local demons that are causing trouble. 27 pages long.
Chapter 5 ResponsibilitiesPart 2Ally, Pat, and Danny prepare for facing off with the demons. Ally and Danny also meet up with Danny’s old flame Trish.  21 pages long.
Chapter 5 ResponsibilitiesPart 3Danny and Trish argue about Seth, he and Ally do recon for the up coming fight. 28 pages long.
Chapter 5 ResponsibilitiesPart 4Ally, Danny, and Pat face off with the demons. 28 pages long.
Chapter 6Old AlliesDanny learns about Pat’s past. 31 pages long.
Chapter 7And Out Come the WolvesPart 1Brad accidentally bites Danny and has to explain to cure werewolvism. 21 pages long.
Chapter 7And Out Come the WolvesPart 2Danny and Brad help out at Ally’s bar and end up with news for Seth.  33 pages long.
Chapter 7And Out Come the WolvesPart 3Danny and Brad are lured into a trap by one of Ally’s coworkers. 32 pages long.
Chapter 8Business as UsualWhile asking for a raise, Ally is instead given the job to break her mother out of prison. 40 pages long.
Chapter 9MigrainesNatalie has a medical issue which has supernatural origins. 34 pages long.
Chapter 10Attention To DetailDanny and Pat help a vampire rescue her girlfriend. 33 pages long.
Chapter 11My Permanent AccessoryWhile Ally is at a party with her boss, Seth tries to talk a drunk Brad into bad decisions. 32 pages long.
Chapter 12Glass HousesPat reluctantly goes to Ally for help, only to have to Brad and Danny greet him. 25 pages long.
Chapter 13New ClassThe new school year starts and an old enemy of Danny’s returns. 24 pages long. 
Chapter 14Holding Out For a HeroDanny’s cousin Damien shows up to threaten Danny and his girlfriend. 32 pages long.
Chapter 15Frequently SecretlyJeff thinks his friend Conner might know he is a werewolf. 28 pages long.
Chapter 16FathersA friend of Brad’s father offers him a job with a large catch. 29 pages long.
Chapter 17Ways of a Woman In LoveDanny and Ally learn how Trish and Seth met. 23 pages long.
Chapter 18OrdersPat and Ally are arrested by the Mage Council. Danny and Brad try to rescue them. 42 pages long.
Chapter 19That’ll Make This EasierJeff as a few problems when his soccer game falls on a full moon. 30 pages long.
Chapter 20Love is a Losing GamePart 1Danny goes on a date with one of Ally’s employees. 21 pages long.
Chapter 20Love is a Losing GamePart 2Danny comforts a broken hearted Trish. 19 pages long.
Chapter 21My Secret LifeBrad helps out the newbie werewolves. 34 pages long.
Chapter 22White KnightWhen Danny visits his parents with Trish, Danny gains insight to how bad his bond with Seth. 35 pages long.
Chapter 23January FriendAll the newbie werewolves have a difficult first winter. 21 pages long.
Chapter 24BurntAlly’s sister tries to kill her mom. Ally has to enlist Seth’s help to stop her. 37 pages long.
Chapter 25TerritoriesKayla and Brad try to find solutions to prevent future run ins with wolf demons. 20 pages long.
Chapter 26Magic EyesPat panics because a cult grabs Will. 21 pages long.
Chapter 27Undead ArmyConnor and Jeff have run in with the failed necromancer Ramon. 27 pages long.
Chapter 28EnemiesPart 1Danny confides in Ally what has been worrying him since he visited his parents. 17 pages long.
Chapter 28EnemiesPart 2Danny and Seth end up on opposite sides of a conflict, only to get more bad news. 32 pages long.
Chapter 29Warning SignsDanny’s old sorcery teacher comes to help the newbie wolves. 25 pages long.
Chapter 30When I FallPart 1Kayla tries to talk Pat out of his depression. 17 pages long.
Chapter 30When I FallPart 2Ally and Suzanne visit her mom while Pat joins Alpha Phoenix.  16 pages long.
Chapter 31Back to BlackSeth starts his revenge on Danny. 21 pages long.
Chapter 32Come UndoneWhen Jackie comes to drop Natalie off early, she questions Danny about his injuries. Suzanne has her final show down with Seth. 21 pages long.
Chapter 33Past Whispers Rita and Cal ask Ally for help with with a ghost, but instead Brad and Lope answer the request. 30 pages long.
Chapter 34Broken Cal is missing and Rita doesn’t know where to turn. 29 pages long.
Chapter 35Taken Pat’s sire Suryu decides she wants Pat back working for her. 31 pages long.
Chapter 36Nightmares Danny tries to solve what is behind the bad dreams he is having. He thinks Seth is connected to them. 30 pages long.
Chapter 37What You Know Danny and Pat try to get more information about what they have stumbled into. 30 pages long.
Chapter 38Fall Seth’s infractions against The Order finally catch up with him and Danny faces the consequences. 50 pages long.