The City Between Story List

Fame and Misfortune
Fame and MisfortuneRebecca was hired to protect the self absorbed pop princess, Mistress Lala. Suddenly, freak accidents start happening every time Rebecca turns her back. It Takes all her skills and magical talents to juggle protecting Lala and figuring out what’s behind these disasters. Complete.
The Better to Find You WithSina finds a naked man in her vet clinic’s kennel the morning after an injured wolf is brought in. That’s how she meets Jeff, a werewolf. With a million and one questions for Jeff, Sina starts to help him track down a newbie werewolf that has been spending full moons nearby. However, the hunter that shot Jeff the night before was armed with silver so the duo have to find the new werewolf fast. Complete.
The Dead DeceptionDetective Maria Pimienta’s new partner is Connor Burke, the first and only open werewolf detective. Maria’s coworkers warn her about the job’s dangerous nature, and how Connor’s partners have a tendency to get injured on the job. Now a man has been murdered by a unusually strong teenage girl. Connor’s theory about the case is inconsistent, and he dismisses her at every turn. Maria starts to wonder if the man who’s supposed to have her back is hiding something… something that might have knocked his previous partners out of the field. Currently updating