Happy New Year!

Hey all! I hope you all enjoyed your New Years Eve festivities (or got a well rested night in). Usually this time of year I try to plan new year. But since several things still aren’t done, I’m tending toward mostly just finish those things. I gotta do these things:

  • Finish art for the videogame I’m working on (which is almost done. I just gotta draw two or three more settings
  • Finish writing Blue Moon
  • Write the next City Between story

Once I got those three things knocked out I can get back to You are the Chosen One. So they are my goals for the year. 

Last year, I also made a resolution to get in better shape and I’ve been more or less succeeding. It’s slow but steady progress. I’m gonna keep sticking with it. 

I also am gonna try to make a dent in my two read comic pile. By pile I mean whole shelf. So that might be the trickiest one. In past years, I tried to read a comic every day. I’ll try to at least read 100 pages a day. But if I can’t I’ll stick with it, I’ll switch to a graphic novel every Saturday. 

December was mostly full of prep for the end of the year and holiday stuff. My discords full moon movie this month is The Company of Wolves. We’ll be watching it January 25th at pm PST. If you want to join, hop in my discord. 

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Also me and my pal Bones might start streaming videogames again on Saturdays. So stay tuned for that.

December was pretty quiet but I posted several reader questions/answers. You can ask one here if you got it.

Thanks everyone for your support! Have a good new year. 

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