One Year I’ll Have Things Together Enough to Do an X-Mas Sale, This is Not that Year

Real quick Dec 4th (day I’m sending this out) is the last day for international folks to get something from my store in time for Christmas. For folks in the US that date is Dec 13th. But I’m still reworking my store. Right now all the shipping prices aren’t correct. Right now everything is a flat rate that is the average, so I’m under charging on some products and over charging on others. My pal Kevin who made the site is helping me figure out a plugin that will charge by weight instead. Hopefully, that will be finished up by the end of the year. 

This month I’m busy doing inventory to be ready for next year. So between that and the holidays, not much public stuff going on. I’m still doing movie night in my fan discord on the full moon. So if you wanna join me and some other folks for Werewolf Santa on Dec 26th at Noon PST pop in here. 

I answered some more fan questions but other wise things have been quiet. 

As long as it’s not a spoiler I’ll answer. So post any questions you got here

I’m still working on Blue Moon’s script. I’m still kinda frustrated that I’m not done yet. But after looking over everything I did this year, I realized I’ve edited A LOT of books for Seven Seas this year. Here’s a picture of all of them

That’s too many books! Fortunately, I only have two scripts to edit for Seven Seas in December. 

So this month I got my to do list:

  • Get pages for The City Between ahead enough to update over the holidays without interruption. 
  • write Blue Moon
  • draw the last two settings for my werewolf videogame
  • Write two crowdfund video scripts of Iron Circus

That last two shouldn’t take too long. 

Also, before the Writer’s strike I was writing about stuff I recently watched or read. I need to get back to doing that. I might change how I do it though. Whenever I did my end of the month round up, I always had more to say about the stuff I watched or read at the end of the month since they were fresher in my memory. So I might post smaller reviews/thoughts on my site’s blog and then just collect them here at the end of the month. 

I’ll have a bigger post next month after I decide on stuff. Thanks for your support everyone. 

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