You are the Chosen One – Bril and Tobin

Few more side characters for You are the Chosen One. Bril is a street performer/slacker wizard. He’s Ketter‘s sidekick/tag along for more of Ketter’s story. I wanted his outfit to look showy but homemade and a little worn. Tobin is a girl in the river village who is a hunter and knows Hilen and Peres.

You are the Chosen One – Hilen’s father and Petalmaster

Woking on some more secondary characters for You are The Chosen One. These are two adults from the river village. One’s their local holyman. I wanted him to have the same uniform as the holy woman from the capital but a very different body type. The other is Hilen’s father. I tried to make him resemble Hilen.

You are the Chosen One – Docks/Port in Capital

Did some more sketches for You are the Chosen One. These are docks just outside the main city. This is just outside some of the canals through out the city so I kept the railing look that is within the city. I decided to go with stone docks because wood ones seemed out of place compared to the rest of the city.