You are the Chosen One – Meia’s bedroom

Doing more You are the Chosen One art. This is Meia’s bedroom at home before the plot really gets rolling. It wanted her room to have a different look from the main countries capital but they are close enough neighbors that they influence each other. similar arch way opening to the main palace, but with some different style decorations.

You are the Chosen One – Meia’s mother and grandmother

Working on more You are the Chosen One art. This time I sat down to design Meia’s mother and grandmother. Meia’s kingdom goes down from mother to daughter, rather than father to son. So I wanted their outfits to be practical and easy to move in but still push the feminine look. So both of them have their hair styled out of their face but down in the back. While both their dresses spread out in the hip area. Underneath,  you can barely see, they are wearing pants. Meia’s mom in particular, the skirt just several layers of fabric with slits in it. Their climate is hotter than were most of the other character live, so I tried to imply the fabrics are light weight and their arms are bare. I also made sure their shoulders looked powerful and the pointer seems help their style stand out compared to nobles in the main area. I need to sit down and design Meia a few outfits that are closer to these looks for the beginning of the series, before she starts to adopt the local look.