You are the Chosen One – Main Hall interior 1

Inside the main hall I needed a big town meeting place that is for the public. The front door is on the second floor which is the case with even the smaller houses. But this public place has a big tall and open room. There is big heavy tables and benches for people to sit and some more benches are behind the railing. The railing will have the same lily and tree carvings as outside. There are over head lights that are melt bowls with some oil lighting in them. They are hanging from chains so they can be lowered of raised as needed. They are tied to/wrapped around another goat horn. Since the houses are built into the mountain no windows except in the front. Also, there is a fire pit to break up the visual and to give some dramatic lighting. I thought that the center fire pit would be a good idea cause again, being inside the mountain means a regular fire place would have hard to include. There is a platform in the village leaders can sit at while addressing everyone seated at the hall. I’ll post a good look at that tomorrow.

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