You Are the Chosen One – Loke and Meia

Two more Chosen One kids. Loke is a merchant’s son from a kingdom that borders the one most of the story takes place in. He’s very eager for an adventure. Meia also comes from that kingdom. She marries Alisabet’s older brother toward the beginning for the story to solidify an alliance between her home and their. I wanted her crown to look like a water lily because that’s the main regilion of the kingdom where she is now queen. I’ll post pictures of that later. I also wanted her to have something small to mark her as an outsider even though she is dressing like the locals. So she is the only character with pierced ears. I might change her hair though because I think I made it too close to Alisabet’s style. But I might have her start with a different hair style and then intentional copy Alisabet’s hair.

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