You Are the Chosen One – Logo Design

Around SDCC, I played around with making a logo for You are the Chosen One. I knew I wanted a fancier font for Chosen One and found that fairly quickly. I put together this list of possibilities.

Then I got some feedback about how some aren’t working because of the “You are the” is two squished or the lineweight on the “you are the” should be comparable to the “Chosen One.” I also talked about how plain the serifs on the “you are the” should be. Feedback also let me know that the Es in Chosen One being bigger looked off. So I should tweak the font. I ended up enlarging the C and shirking the first e, to give the logo a symmetrical shape. So I narrowed it down to these two.

I ended up liking the top one but still thought it could use some cleaning up. So I went in and changed the h in “Chosen” to look more like the n.

After comparing the two, I made my decision. It works at least for now. Maybe it will be tweaked more later.

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