Writer Notes The Stone King Part 3

These are my writer notes for The Stone King chapter 3. I’m gonna spoil it all. So if you haven’t read it skip this blog post.

Page 55 – 58

The creatures in the stable are called Stonebacks. I asked Tyler for something big and study like a rhino. Here the two important reactions from the kids are when they ask about Rheebee and how they feel about Phul. The kids don’t think Rheebee will be worried, just mad. I still wanted to push this Rheebee being a bad parental figure enough though Ave still feels bad about her death.

Their reaction to Phul is just to show how earlier the kids are taught not to trust or talk to guards. Scritch being everything Rheebee was trying to make them, immediately thinks you would only talk to a guard to snitch.

page 59 – 61

I wanted to give a little more context of the blood taboo in this culture. It’s a hint at the reveal of the end so I wanted to keep bringing it up. So you get a little more details about it. It’s blood touching the ground that is the biggest problem. I also wanted to show that Rheebee is weighing on her even if she isn’t showing it.

page 62 – 64

While Ave is more of a known quantity at this point, I needed to give the audience more about Phul. He wants to help but is more naive about the world than Ave. They are both kids but Phul is bigger so someone might mistake him as older.

page 65 – 68

After Ave’s outburst is what make Phul realize got more going on than her goal focused exterior. Until now he could dismiss it as a distraction. After all the last time it came up was right before she broke his nose. It takes them a moment of quiet to let things pass.

I also think Phul’s “I won’t tell anyone” verse Ave’s “Yes, you will. It’s your job” is the idealist verse the realist.

Ave hasn’t had much time to deal with her feelings. And this space is important.

page 69 – 71

This is an in general what Phul and the rest of the guards aren’t as on top of the local thieves as they’d like. It’s mostly Ave that shows how to find the thief hideout.

page 72 – 76

The green lights in the thief tunnel looks greats. Tyler is awesome.

When Ave sees Yorrick is when she feels like she can finally let her guard down. He was sorta the only who would give her comfort when Rheebee was harsh with her. Which leads to more of her shock when Yorrick pulls a knife on her.

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