Welcome New Folks That Signed Up at Emerald City!

Firstly, everyone I have a kickstarter going on! If you want to grab a print copy of Murky Water, head on over and back it!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at Emerald City. I hope you all had a good weekend! 

If you signed up at Emerald City here’s what I’m working on:

  • The City Between is my webcomic about werewolves in the future. It updates Wednesdays. The current story is called Shards of Reflection. The forth story in the series, Murky Water, is what’s crowdfunding right now. 
  • Blue Moon is a werewolf romance graphic novel I’m writing and Meredith McClarren is going to draw. I’m doing my best to finish the script soon. 
  • You are the Chosen One is a fantasy comic about 23 kids who got the same prophecy dream. It’s currently only readable if you back my patreon. It’s on hiatus until I finish writing Blue Moon. 

My day job is as an editor at the manga company Seven Seas and the indie comic publisher Iron Circus Comics. I like folklore, fantasy, and especially like werewolves. 

This month I’m mostly focused on my Kickstarter and banging that promo drum. 

I probably won’t have time for much else because I’m also busy moving this month. It won’t be too big a move (just to a bigger apartment in the same building I already live in) but still time consuming. 

This months werewolf movie Late Phases. If you wanna join me and my discord on Sunday, March 24 at 5pm PST pop on over by clicking here

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Geekshow was kinda on pause the last few months because Spike had a health emergency. She is feeling better. So we can jump back to it now. 

Last month I’ve been doing the rounds to promo my kickstarter by jumping on a lot of podcasts. If you wanna here me talk about my stuff I was on:

In most of them I talk about the City Between. But War Rocket and Ajax we kind mostly just talk about pokemon and where is the line between Fantasy and Scifi. My answer is that fantasy runs on metaphor/vibes and scifi runs more on rules. But I always like hearing other people’s answers. 

Like I mentioned above I’ll mostly be doing promo and moving. During my streams I’m gonna try to get ahead on Shards of Reflection before drawing the last setting for the video game I’ve been doing art for. We finally picked a name for the name. It’s gonna be called Teething. 

The last scene is in a store. So gonna have to draw a lot of stuff on shelves. But I think I can get it done either this month or early next month. Then I can start giving Blue Moon all my extra attention. 

While working I’ve mostly been watching youtube videos. A lot of them were about explaining competitive pokemon but I did really like Broey Deshenal’s video about Saltburn. I always like her videos even if I don’t agree with them. Mostly because I like how she digs into filmmaking as an artform and focuses on movies that aren’t the big blockbuster hits. I’m also someone who spoiling a movie makes me want to see it more. (Like Sorry to Bother You‘s trailer made me think “That looks fun. I’ll check it out eventually” but then someone told me the big spoiler and I IMMEDIATELY rented it.) So even though she didn’t like Saltburn, her video made me bump it up my movies to watch list mostly because I want to see if I agree with her or not. 

Only other thing that has been getting my watch attention lately is Delicious in Dungeon. If you don’t know what that is, it’s about a dnd style party venturing into a magic dungeon. They can’t afford rations so they are eating the monsters as they fight them. There is a lot of fun cooking bit and talk about how a monster ecosystem would work. It’s just a lot of fun. And it’s full of great facial expressions. 

That’s it for this month! Thanks everyone for your support!

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