I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con

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Hey all, 
I hope you are having a good summer! This month I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con from July 20th through July 24th. In the past I’ve been in the small press area, but folks always had a hard time finding my table because the small press section has a different way of numbering tables. So this year I’ll be joining Alina Pete and Sam Logan at table 1229. It’s right along one of the main rows, so it should be easy to find if you enter through the B1 doors. 

In other exciting news, the Seven Seas Union has been officially recognized. I’m very excited about this moving forward and seeing how negotiations go. At my SDCC table, I’ll have some free pins of both pirate cats for anyone that supports the union. 

In June I went to Minneapolis for a friend’s wedding. I spent an extra day or two looking around the city and took pictures of all the art deco looking buildings and walkways the city has. The City Between’s future city has an art decoy look, so I am always on the look out for unique looking art deco buildings. 

I also look pictures of friends pets. u_u

As for this month, I’ll mostly be working on Murky Water and You are the Chosen One again. Ya know, the usual. If you’ve been watching my twitch streams, you’ve seen that You are the Chosen One is in the middle of scene with too many horses. I wanna be done drawing that scene before I leave for SDCC. 

After SDCC is done though, I’m gonna take sometime to work on the script for Blue Moon. I need to finish that before the end of the year. So my plate is looking pretty full. 

But Cautionary Fables South America is almost ready for it’s crowdfund to launch. It’s going live in August, so get ready for some news on that. 

Thanks again for your support!
Have a good month.

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