Writer Notes Fame and Misfortune Part 3

Continuing my Fame and Misfortune writer notes.

Page 51-54

I don’t know why I keep put car accidents into comics I write AND draw. I did try to push myself with tilting chaotic panels during the car wreck. You can see a tiny glimpse of a motorcycle following the limo. So Fatima isn’t coming out of no where.

page 55-58

This scene sorta, while Rebecca is callous socially, she is at least decent enough to check on everyone including the truck driver. Where as Fatima just recorded Lala vomiting.

I liked drawing the groupies and Lala with mushed makeup and hair after the accident and after Rebecca saves Lala from the jet engine.

The jet engine is again upping the ridiculousness of the curse trying to kill Lala. This is a clue to Rebecca that this isn’t just bad luck. It’s freakishly bad luck.

page 59-61

Marnie is again the person who notices Lee. Now that Rebecca has pieces, she can start to put the mystery together. And Fatima has the rest of what Rebecca needs.

page 62-66

This is clearly some exposition. That establishing shot, I made sure the full moon was visible.

Lala’s bit of sympathy is inspired by a video I saw of Britney Spears where she is high and upset the Spawn movie isn’t in theaters. It was something that was clearly posted to make her look back but what struck me was that someone she trusted filmed her without her knowing and showed her private vulnerable moment to the world without her consent. It’s a clear violation in my mind. Also of Fatima’s other photos and videos of Lala before this have been embarrassing but they weren’t things Lala did in private.  It gives a good line between her and Rebecca.

Then Lala destroys the sympathy moment she has going with a shitty comment so the audience isn’t too broken up about her impending death.

page 67-70

Rebecca and Marnie now begin to investigate. Originally this scene was slightly different and I changed it so Rebecca had to work a little harder to get the name. Marnie also gets to chip in to solving things, since her friend knows Mistress Lala trivia. There is a mistake here though. Since they don’t live in our world I tried to avoid pop culture references. So Lala shouldn’t have a “I won’t grow up” cover. In the omnibus I’ll probably tweak the title.

Page 71-74

I always like how Lee gets summoned up. Lee fulfilling Lala’s wish is an extrapolation of the singers/stars who get talked about a lot all died tragically. So the easiest way for Lala to get remembered is to do the same.

page 75-77

Super dramatic lightly is always fun to do in black and white. Rebecca is covering her nose because of a burnt hair smell. The TV fell in the tube both crushing Lala and electrocuting her.

And then everything wraps up pretty quick with Lala dead.

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