Writer Notes Fame and Misfortune Part 2

Continuing my Fame and Misfortune writer notes.

Page 24-28

This club scene is was me trying to play with the lettering a bit. The oppressive loud music at the club takes up most of the background. Also to have a little bit of fun with character design, Mistress Lala’s entourage are Micky, Vicky, and Nicky. They have the same outfit but you can tell them apartment because their neckline makes the first letter of their name. You don’t get a super clear shot of their outfits here but you do in the next scene they are in.

Each disaster that happens around Mistress Lala is supposed to get more and more unbelievable as the story goes on. So the chances of her getting hurt in a bar fight that doesn’t involve her is weird but not unbelievable. It’s not completely clear but this guy’s knife is about to hit her inner thigh.

I established that Fatima is at ever accident, so there are pictures of everything. And that will let Rebecca notice that Lee is also at every accident scene.

Page 29-36

While working on Sorcery 101, the landscape format made some of the panel experiments I wanted to try impossible or hard to do. So this elevator accident I wanted to play with lots of tall thin panels. Page 34 and 35 in particular make a double page spread in the book, to show the elevator going up and down.

And in the last page of this scene I once again made sure to put in the background Fatima taking Lala’s picture.

Page 37-39

Marnie and Rebecca’s chat is to get some exposition out about the world again. Werewolves are the only public supernatural thing. But I wanted to lead into important info about the accident. I mentioned each accident gets more and more unbelievable, elevators have a breaking system to stop this from happening. This type of accident would require a lot to go wrong at once to the point where is doesn’t happen. Also, this is the turn in Marnie and Rebecca getting to know each other, Rebecca starts to be more considerate based on Marnie’s criticism of her communication skills.  

Page 40-43

Rebecca tries to start looking into stuff now that that accidents are weird.

Here’s the scene where you can see Nicky, Vicky, and Micky’s necklines. I also made sure Lala brought up fairies to build to the reveal at the end again.

Fatima and Marnie arriving is because I didn’t want Rebecca to see how the lamp fell over and started the fire. Also again, I made it clear Fatima was there.

Page 44-47

I always like using dramatic shadows. So this scene was fun to draw. I also tried to build the tension of as the fire gets worse and hits different hair styling chemicals. I especially like how Rebecca swinging on the falling lamp to move it worked.

Page 48-50

Marnie and Rebecca’s chat here is to let them get to know each other a little bit more. They are getting a little bit friendlier with one another now that Rebecca is remembering to keep Marnie in the loop. I also wanted it to be explicate that Rebecca was queer in the story. The story is about her being queer and has a very narrow focus, so there aren’t a lot of ways for it to come up. Then the bit about driving is some world building. There has only been a cop car in the whole story. In the series, I’m keeping cars for emergency services, law enforcement, and delivery trucks. So Rebecca driving is an odd skill to have.

5 thoughts on “Writer Notes Fame and Misfortune Part 2

    1. The answer is yes and no.

      Basically, The City Between as a series is a revamp of the Sorcery 101 world. So I reused some ideas/characters that I still like/enjoy but it will eventually contradict Sorcery 101 and The City Between should work on it’s own separate from Sorcery 101.

    2. Sorcery 101 lovely. I’m looking at getting hard copies. But I always thought a continuation of S101 would be interesting to see… Like “The better to see you”, it is and isn’t a sequel, but it’s nice to think of your original story continuing. Perhaps in the future. 🙂

      1. Basically, I explained it to someone recently as Sorcery 101 is 616 Marvel The City Between stuff (which includes Fame and Misfortune, The Better to Find You With, and the currently kickstarting The Dead Deception https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1495959227/the-dead-deception) are all 1610 Marvel.
        Some faces will be familiar but they don’t effect each other.
        I probably won’t go back to Sorcery 101 though because I’m a different person there I was when I started it. Part of the reason for switch to the City Between is I thought of better ideas for some of the supernatural stuff and also a desire to do more world building.

        Though I realize those Marvel number mean nothing to someone if they don’t know marvel stuffs.

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