Wow, April has been busy.

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Stone King will be in comic shops soon! Early this month, I did an interview to talk about it. It was a little weird talking about and promoting a book that I worked on and finished over 2 years ago. Give it a listen!

This month I mostly stuck to working on You are the Chosen One and The City Between creatively. I’m almost at page 100 of You are the Chosen One. Feels kinda wild that I’ve gotten that far already. I’m about halfway through the 3rd chapter, so there is still a lot of it to go. I’ve been doing a lot of concept art for it. I haven’t had a chance to upload them because I’ve been too busy to pay much attention to social media.

Speaking of social media, I know I’ve posted this picture before but it’s evergreen for me.

Talk about Elon Musk buying Twitter and talk about moving on to the next social media made me exhausted just thinking about it. But being an artist online means ya gotta use and push social media. So I got to figure out some solutions. I’m been paying Lauren Fiscus (who goes by Sylphy online) to flat You are the Chosen One for me and they want more stuff to work on. So I might pay them to make and post regular promo images of my current comics. That way something actually goes up on my social media sites and maybe they can get tik tok to work for me. I would need to make a style guide for them though. That’s the real biggest hurdle right now.

Since I’ve been busying working, I’ve been going through audiobooks while working. Two series that I rather enjoy had new installments. The first is the 9th book in the Rivers of London series, Amongst Our Weapons.

If you don’t know what the Rivers of London series is about, it follows biracial wizard detective Peter Grant as he looks into magical mysteries of London. The first 7 books had a really good on-going story, but book 8 floundered a bit without the overarching villain to chase. Amongst Our Weapons gets things back on track a big. Folks with a certain set of rings are getting their hearts magically exploded. There is a neat big of history and folklore tied to the case, so it was a fun ride.

The other audiobook I really dug this month was the 7th book in the series Fred the Vampire Accountant, Out of House and Home.

This series is a bit chiller than other urban fantasy books I usually read. A lot of them are about magic cops, which while giving every story a structure to follow, can get old. Fred the Vampire Accountant books are usually collections of short stories with smaller problems. Like in the first book, Fred is dragged to a LARP and one of the players’ necromancy spells are real. And they only affect Fred because he’s undead, everyone else is human. This 7th volume has him looking into the finances of a secret mall for supernatural creatures, only find out the mall is cursed. They are kinda light and silly. It may not focus on werewolves but I think if you liked Sorcery 101 you might dig the vampire accountant series.

Anyway, this coming May, I got to sit down and write a good chunk of Blue Moon. I’m trying to have it written by the end of July, but it will probably be like September or October. Otherwise, I’m still gonna keep up with my pages of Murky Water and You are the Chosen One. As I mentioned above, I also need to make a style guide so I can get more promo images made. 

That’s all for this month! Hope you all have a good May. Thanks for your continuous support.

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