Winter Sale Starts Today!

Hey all! Newsletter is a little late because I distracted by the election and just hitting refresh repeatedly on the results. But the delay also meant I got info about holiday shipping from White Squirrel (who handles fulfillment of my store.)

My winter/holiday sale is now up and running! Everything in my store is 15% off with the coupon code “gifts.” If you want one of something from my store before Christmas you need to order before December 2nd. Myself and pretty much every freelance artist I know was hit hard by covid closing all the cons. So please order from either myself or other indie artists this holiday season. 

I’ve been continuing to finish Stars Hide Your Fire. It’s mostly done and ready for Iron Circus to send out for reviews. Joe and I are pretty pumped of it. We hope folks like it because we worked hard on it. 

Last month, I mentioned getting into Crusader Kings 3. I’m pretty busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time to play it on my own but still wanted to explore it. To make time to play but also not go over board (when I play a videogame I tend to play it for the whole day/night), I am keeping to a playing schedule. Bones Leopard and I have been streaming playing Crusader Kings 3 on twitch every Thrusday from 7-10pm. We are then saving them to Youtube. Come relax with us on Thrusday evenings if you want to see us attempt to rule the Medieval world. We are playing a campaign start where the goal is to spread a matriarchy government through out Africa. The above picture is the character we played the longest so far. Despite having leprosy, she ruled for 35 years and conquered several neighbors. 

If videogames aren’t your thing, Joe and I are still streaming Wednesday morning/afternoons. On stream I focusing on You are the Chosen One now. That’s about 20 pages in now. If you haven’t started reading yet, nows a good time to back my patreon and catch up. Like I said above this year has been tough and every little bit helps. Backing for just a dollar lets you give You are the Chosen One and Stars Hide Your Fire a read. 

This month Spike, Amanda, and I have still been keeping up with our podcast Dirty Old Ladies. This month we did an episode called “Show and Tell” which is us talking about comics we have enjoyed lately. I talk about Love is War and Beastars. Both of which I’ve talked about here. Our other episode for the month is “Hindsight is 2020” where we talk about mistakes we have made in the past/stuff we would have done differently. The big one for me is I saved the first 400 pages of Sorcery 101 a size too small to print, so I had to redraw them before putting out those giant books I eventually released. Ya know these ones. 

As for some stuff I’ve been enjoying besides Crusader Kings 3, Amanda and I have been watching Yashahime together (remotely). It’s a sequel to Inuyasha and watching this show together feels very comforting. The plot is basically Sesshomaru has two daughters and they team up with Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter to fight a demon lord that is messing with time. Inuyasha’s daughter is kinda a disaster person that is delightful to watch. 

And for the non-anime inclined folks I also enjoyed the Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. I watched it and the Haunting of Bly Manor. I enjoyed both, but Bly Manor seems less focused than Hill House so I preferred that one. Hill House uses the ghost story as a metaphor for childhood trauma that works rather well. They are both worth checking out. 

That’s all for this month. Thanks everyone for your support each month! Enjoy your November. 

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