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This is copy pasted from my newletter. 

Hey all! My main thing is I’ll be at VanCAF which is in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 20&21. They haven’t posted con maps yet, so I don’t know what my table number is. But I’ll be there and it’s free to get into. So stop by!

Like I said the big thing this month is going to VanCAF. The rest of the month is mostly keeping my nose to the grindstone. 

This month’s full moon movie is The Wolfman again. This time the remake. While watching the original Wolf Man, myself and other folks in the discord talked about some of the stuff that was changed in the remake (stuff like the remake is twice as long.) So I figured doing a back to back would be kinda fun. So if you wanna join, we’ll be watching it May 5th at 6pm PST. Join the discord if you want.

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

I mentioned last month that I was redoing the live reading of Fame and Misfortune. My mic worked this time so I’ve saved it and posted it on my youtube. We go over through the whole story in about 30 mins. Then I answer some questions from fans.

I’ll definitely doing something like this for The Better to Find You With. As I’ll get to in the next section, I got a lot of stuff on my plate. It will probably be some time in the fall.

I spent a lot of April still playing catching up on things. I was really backed up on my work for Seven Seas. I think I got it handled now, but Blue Moon is still not done. I think that has to be my primary focus this month. I was hoping to get the current chapter of You are the Chosen One last month, but that didn’t happen. It’s penciled so for the next few Fridays I’ll post the pencils of the rest of chapter.

By the time those go up, I’ll hopefully be done with Blue Moon and can give You are the Chosen One more attention. I hate to do it, but I have to put something on hold. The City Between being free means it gets me more new readers/attention and You are the Chosen One takes longer. And after I write Blue Moon, I should probably make sure the next batch of You are the Chosen One script are ready for drawing.

So here’s my to do list/priority:

  • Write Blue Moon
  • Keep up with The City Between
  • Freelance thing that is NDA
  • Clean up Murky Water to make a book
  • Finish Chapter 3 of You are the Chosen One
  • Review next few chapters of You are the Chosen One

Anyway, that’s quite a lot. 

I barely had time to read or watch new stuff this month. So kinda a short list this month.

  • Darling by Olivia Stephens – Darling is a Western Horror about a black woman who’s living as a werewolf to escape the racism of 1800s America. She meets a black man on the run and the two have an instant connection Olivia art is excellent and rendering makes every page look both beautiful and haunting. It’s one of the best werewolf comics I’ve read. You should all go back it here.
  • Love is Hard for Otaku – This is one checked out because Mangasplaining did an episode on it. They had a kinda mixed opinion of it, but I was curious to look into it myself. It’s about a gal who’s a big nerd but is hiding it from her day job because her last boyfriend dumped her for being too nerdy. A nerdy guy friend proposes they date each other because since they are both nerds she won’t have to worry about him dumping her for it. There is a manga and an anime. The manga is a little rough. The pacing seems to be kinda wonky. The anime does a better job landing the jokes, mostly because a lot of the jokes involved references to anime. So the joke works better when they can copy the scene from Evangelion shot for shot, rather than translation the animation into a comic. I don’t 100% buy the characters as a couple so I’m on the fence about continuing to watch it. 
  • Nope – This was something that was on my I should get around to seeing this movie since it came out. It was streaming so I made a point to watch it. It’s less than a year old so I won’t go into details about the plot. But I really liked the point it makes about random chance and nature. I also really liked the relationship between the two main siblings. It was a good mix for conflict, frustration, and affection.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through the big workload that’s going on. Please back my Patreon if you can. Every little bit helps!

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