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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 37

Title pages
So this might be the title page I’m the least happy with. I don’t really know what I could have done instead. But I feel like I could have done something more interesting. This chapter in general is a lot of setup and exposition. My original plan for Sorcery 101 basically wrote me into a corner and made a chapter like this necessary. A lot of folks asked me if I had more Sorcery 101 planned and I didn’t but this sorta fumble near the end makes me other stand why someone would think I originally planned to slowly get all the info in this chapter out.

page 1329 – 1332

So this is mostly set up. I wanted to remind folks of just Brad’s parents and Ally’s feelings about them. There’s a little back story to Brad being adopted. Ally not drinking is just to a short hint about her being pregnant before Danny finds out.

page 1333 – 1336

Danny finds out the Ally’s pregnant. I fiddled with how to break up congratulations in this scene. I wanted it to be clear that is starts as a statement but ends as a question.

page 1337 – 1339

Pat not knowing how to turn on a computer is because I was thinking about symbols and certain ones become universal. I think I looked up why the power symbol on a computer looks the way it does (answer I found is it’s a combination of a 1 and 0 so it’s on and off). And while we all know what that means now, it wouldn’t be immediately clear to someone like Pat who has basically been a hobo since the 70’s.

Asagi’s password is basically the numbers that match the letters from the center of the keyboard and make a circle outward. I wanted it be something Asagi could remember but wasn’t attached to him and would still be hard to guess.

Kayla probably doesn’t think anything bad will happen to Pat. She doesn’t know Asagi’s rep and he is very affable. Pat however knows better since he lived with Suryu.

page 1340 – 1346

I did like writing this scene. It’s the closest we get to seeing how Asagi’s mind works. Him shaving is to make it tense without Asagi having to pull the getting too close intimidation tactics that Seth pulls. Also Asagi is very concerned about how he appears so his nightly beauty regimen would be fun to use to mirror what he is talking about. He is wielding a straight razor while talking about threats and he is doing his hair while talking about getting people to like him. I also like the bit where Pat accidently wastes a question and is annoyed with himself. Also, one of Asagi’s reasons merely being that he wants Pat to like him is Asagi in a nutshell. He wants everyone to like him.

All through Sorcery 101 people asked me why Seth grabbed Danny as a blood bond. If anyone figured it out they didn’t say so in the comments or in any emails to me. But all the info is in the comic before this point. Over all I liked this scene. I maybe should have taken the time to design a more elaborate bedroom for Asagi though.

page 1347 – 1351

More exposition. A lot of this exposition is mostly to make it clear that stuff with The Lady wasn’t going to bite Danny in the ass during Sorcery 101. I tried to make all the info drop be short and somewhat relevant. I thought of more info about The Lady but it really wouldn’t affect things and there are only some make angle I can use to keep this conversation visually interesting.

page 1352 – 1357

Damien walks into a set up. Frost cuts off his tail because I wanted to show a werewolf getting injuries back and him having been shot in the head means it’s easy for Frost and Mr. Tamura to fake a suicide. Frost is shooting himself in the head to make the blood splatter match Damien’s injuries.

And this has been Frost and Mr. Tamura’s plan for Damien being openly a werewolf for while. Lucy has been using magic to make him mentally unstable and erratic so something like suicide would be better believed. I had the news mention it to remind folks about the general public thinks of Damien. Also the new makes a nice transition to Cassia who knows the news story is a load of shit and that Brad was at the party.

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