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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 32

Title Page
I don’t have much to say about this title page and don’t quite remember what I was going for other than foreboding. Since is Suzanne’s last chapter in Sorcery 101 and some people got frustrated that they didn’t get her full story. But Sorcery 101 isn’t her comic, As We Were is. Giving her a fully story in Sorcery 101 would just be repeating myself and would be a detour from the main story.

Page 1188 – 1190

Connor’s bite marks from Undead Army were partly set up for this scene. Just so folks now how much time Seth and Trish are spending with each other. And since Seth’s evil ways are all out and the open, I figured now is the time to make it clear that Seth is messing with his mind.

Page 1191 – 1194

Brad probably notices a lot of things because of smell that he doesn’t mention. Mostly cause it would make him sound like a weirdo. He tells Ally because she was mostly prepared/expecting Seth and Trish to start fooling around eventually.

Suzanne takes off without without discussing it with anyone. Lope knows what’s probably going to happen if she is in such a hurry. I wanted this scene to be quiet cause he’s already said everything he can in As We Were and probably several other times before that. I like Suzanne don’t say good-bye. Just “I’m sorry.”

Lope is deciding what to do during his own talk with Jackie. I had their talk be more exposition while he is thinking about something else.

page 1195 – 1200

I paired Danny and wife’s argument with the Suzanne and Seth fight because these are both fights they don’t have hope of winning. Danny just doesn’t know it about his fight though. I tried to have the end of each page have a punctuating part of both fights. I think I was most successful when Jackie asks if Natalie is safe paired with Seth pulling out his knife, when both their “How long” statements line up, and when Jackie calls Danny out on being a absentee dad paired with Seth breaking Suzanne’s spin.

Fights have never been my strength when drawing. But this is one of the first times I think I found the trick that worked for me. Choreagraph the fight then pick all my camera angles. It was made slightly easier because Seth mostly dodges during the fight. He is toying with her.

And both conflicts end with the victory standing over the defeated.

page 1201-1205

What Seth says to Suzanne translates to “put your snout on the step.” It’s also what he said to Suzanne’s father in As We Were before curb stomping him. I originally wrote “put your mouth on the step” and asked Jose who drew From Scratch to translate it to Spanish. He gave me a literal translation but also told me using the word snout would be more insulting and work best in the context. So that’s what is said in both scenes. The page where Seth breaks her neck is also supposed to mirror when he kills her dad in As We Were.

Also, Lope was Danny’s first teacher for a reason. All of this happens fairly fast and wanted to focus how quick Lope gets off all these spells.

Page 1206 – 1208

This whole scene I kinda showed Lope’s eyes sparingly since Lope won’t look Danny in the eye. It’s a somber scene though since both Lope and Suzanne knew how her fight with Seth could only result in one thing. Chapter wraps up with Danny admitting defeat.

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