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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 31

Title page
Only so this title I tried to use the same colors/scheme as Ways of a Woman in Love. The title is an Amy Winehouse song. A lot of the lyrics made me think of Trish and Seth.

Page 1167 – 1170

Some old guy lurking around a high school is never good. The older I get the more I think it’s weird that a vampire who is hundreds of years old would ever be interested in a teenager. So this whole scene is about Seth flexing and showing off power. All his positioning with Connor has him in the dominate position.

There is a smile on Connor’s face as Seth kisses his neck because it wanted there to be signs that Connor is into his booty call relationship on a surface level. He is mostly being smart and listening to Danny despite what his boner tells him. Also, I wanted it to be clear that even if Connor’s into it on some level no, still means no.

I was proud that a few people noticed what Seth’s doing with Connor’s tie before he pulls on it. It starts as undoing the tie for sexy times than when he doesn’t let go should be worrisome to folks paying attention. Werewolves do need to breath and Seth only stopped because they are too public.

Page 1171 – 1173

A lot of the way Seth hits on Trish is very similar to the way he moves when he threatens Danny. Leaning in really close. Only difference is he touches Trish more. They are all small touches but they are similar to the way he treated Connor’s tie BEFORE the choking. So even Seth while being “flirty” is threatening and predatory. Also, all his dialogue is him being an extra asshole if you know what really happened.

Page 1174 – 1176

Connor continues to deal with relationships ending with alchol. Jeff continues to not drink. Seth continues to use everything he knows about someone as a weapon against them. He’s not against outing a teenager. I figured Connor probably flirted with/made out with that girl before he came out to Jeff. Also, Billy probably also saw Connor and then Jeff leave with Seth. Then he promptly assumed they were on steroids or something. I mean they are suddenly much better at sports and always run off alone together to talk about stuff. And Seth looks shady enough to sell drugs.

page 1177 – 1180

I like how the body language came out for that first panel. Sometimes it’s hard to convey little actions like shoving in a still medium. At least for me it is. This whole scene I wanted to be quick. Really also the violent Seth scene to have the acts be kinda sudden. Also if you look closely you can see Connor’s injuries heal pretty quickly. They are pretty much gone by the end of the scene.

page 1181 – 1187

Danny’s all yellowed bruises rather than fresh ones to show time passing. Seth is waiting for Trish to come home because of course he knows that Danny sent her home. All the stuff about Danny’s family is true. So he mixing in some truth with his lies to manipulate Trish and make her feel more hurt and vulnerable. As I mentioned in the chapter where Danny and Trish get together, all the dialogues and panel choices in from when Seth says “He’s an ass” onward are purposeful mirrors of what Danny says. So we end with bad decisions.

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