Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 14

Page 177 – 180

Morgan is used to doing stuff alone so that’s probably why she waits for Elsie to leave before checking under Arthur’s helmet. I also wanted to use this chance to give some insight to Arthur’s motives are. But I used the change the world line to tie him and Billy together. Billy is possessed but on a subconscious level he’s on board with the end game.

Morgan isn’t surprised and this really isn’t meant to be a surprise for those paying attention. Morgan getting startled and breaking Billy’s nose is kinda a making bad situation worse without thinking but also to break up a talky scene.

Page 181 – 183

Morgan has a “talk” with her dad about teen pregnancy in each book. It was a callous throw away line in book one. Now we get a reason for it but still in a callous way.

Morgan figuring out Billy’s necklace was an important step. I figured the sword being hidden in a cross necklace would be a good stealth nod to Mists of Avalon. If you haven’t read it, it presents Morgan le Fay and Avalon as trying to protect the old pagan religion of England while Arthur and his court are championing Christianity. Also, having Billy wear it through out the whole comic wouldn’t be an immediate red flag.

page 184 – 194

Morgan waits for Billy to wake up and doesn’t immediately take the necklace. I wanted that to be clear because she easily could have. It’s one thing to take something from mysterious Arthur figure but is another for her to take it from Billy.

I like werewolves and well is there really any better where to explain Billy’s black outs to him? This whole scene I kept double check that I was putting Billy’s bruises in the same places.

Billy’s anger at Morgan suggesting she give him the necklace is partly the Arthur spirit wanting to protect itself but again it’s connected in something Billy feels. Also, before this scene I established where every one of the girls parents are except Elsie’s dad. While’s it’s not said outloud here, I figured Morgan would already know Elsie and Billy’s dad is dead.

And with the transitioning of talking to Billy about his dad, Elsie comes to mind. I figured ending on them agreeing to tell her together was a good ending. It’s not really a cliff hanger but is a good, this will change the dynamic of the story moment.

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