Lots of Comics, Manga, and Movies

Lots of Comics, Manga, and Movies.

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Hey folks! I hope you all had a fun Halloween. 

Thanks everyone who joined my discord and enjoyed werewolf movies with me this October. It went well enough that I’m gonna do a werewolf movie each full moon. Join me November 8th at 5pm PST to watch the 1994 movie Wolf. 

This past month I mostly worked on crowdfunding prep. If you didn’t know, I’m in charge of making sure all the pieces of Iron Circus’s crowdfunds are ready. And Iron Circus’s Smut Peddler Double Header crowdfund is closing out the year on Backerkit’s new platform. So there was a lot of last minute changes I had to do. And on top of that, I was typing up the script for a promo video for Iron Circus’s next anthology Failure to Launch (which I’ve also been posting pencil versions of my story’s pages on my Patreon). That’s gonna crowdfund in February. So it was a bit of a juggle act. 

I’ve also finished penciling Murky Water. I will probably finish inking it this or next week. The next City Between story is gonna be about vampires. It still needs a title. There are a few options but I am still thinking it over. Titles are always hard. 

Just last weekend I saw Wendell and Wild, which was fun ride! If you are unfamiliar, it’s a stop motion animation coming to Netflix soon. It stars Key and Peele as the titular demons and they are summed by a young girl to resurrect her dead parents. The movie has one or two too many subplots, so the pacing is a little wonky. But it is enjoyable and lovely. Here’s the trailer.

I’m still doing my usual art streams on my twitch and cohosting the Iron Circus Geekshow. Out of our recent streams, I particularly like this episode where we talk about where the line between sci-fi and fantasy is. Spoiler, the answer is it’s based on vibes. Also, Spike and I both really like the game Rimworld. It just got a big update/DLC. Streaming going well has made Spike and I start talking about doing a charity stream on Christmas day. I’ll have more updates on that next newsletter. But it should be a fun time. 

As for November, I mentioned I’m gonna finish inking Murky Water. Then I will finish drawing my story for Failure to Launch. With those both done, I can get back to drawing You are the Chosen One. Both can be read on my patreon. Those will be the main highlight of my art streams. Off stream, I’m still editing for Seven Seas. The mangas I’ve been editing are hitting books stores quicker. There is a very cute queer romance I edited titled I’m Kinda Chubby and I’m Your Hero. If I had to pick one title I’m editing for seven seas to pick up, it would be that one. It’s about a chubby actor getting his first fan. Said fan turns out to be a handsome pastry chef. They grow closer and it’s very cute. I also got to finish writing my graphic novel with Meredith McClarren this month. So I’ll be pretty busy. It’s a good thing there aren’t any conventions this month or next month. 

Thanks all for your support each month! Have a good one.

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