I’m Part of the Iron Circus Videogame Bundle

I have finished the game I was working on! Teething is a time management puzzle game. You play as a single parent of a werewolf child. You must prep your basement for the full moon to ensure your kid doesn’t get out. It is part of Iron Circus’s indie game bundle, along with 5 other games. Its crowdfund is going live June 24th. You can sign up to get notified here. 

There is a small one day convention at Books with Pictures in Portland, Oregon. It is free to attend. So if you have time on June 15th, stop by!

Also the discord full moon movie this month is gonna be Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The past few movies have more gorier, so I wanted to do something goofy this month. 

We’ll be watching June 21st at 5pm PST. If you wanna join, can pop into my discord here. 

I’m still streaming on Twitch regularly. 

  • Tuesday 8pm-10pm PST – Art times
  • Wednesday 8pm-10pm PST – Art times
  • Thursday 6pm-9pm PST (during the Iron Circus Geekshow)
  • Sunday 8pm-11pm PST – Playing Baldur’s Gate 3

Please stop by!

I mentioned last month that I am gonna stream playing Baldur’s Gate 3. I’ve been saving the streams on my youtube. I’ve put them in a playlist.

I also did a goofy comic summary of the second stream. 

I’m going to try to keep doing these when I have time. Because I wanted to get better at quick doodles rather than going all out all the time. It will give me a little bit of a break only drawing for work rather than to goof off. 

Also last month I mentioned all I had left to move was to hang up some art I have framed. I got all that hung up and took some pictures. Here’s a look for you all!

This section is mostly commissions I got of my characters. 

The big picture is a limit Discworld print. The letters surrounding it are fan made letters from Discworld characters. A Moist Von Lipwig cosplayer would hand them out to people who recognized them.

Some random smaller ones. 

Commissions I’ve gotten of Wolf from The 10th Kingdom. They are in my kitchen. :3

Some original comic pages. They are from FinderBPRDVattuThe Wicked and the Divine, and Angel & Faith.

Bernie Wright illustrations from Cycle of the Werewolf are running above my TV. 

With Teething done, I’m glad to have one less thing off my plate. I’m gonna give my non-streaming work time to focusing on writing the next story in The City Between. It’s called Glass Diamonds. I don’t usually post scripts or writing stuff on my patreon. But would that interest people? Let me know. It’s so much easy to share art related stuff online. I never know what to share when I focus on writing. Maybe I can post a scene I like? Let me know. 

Most of what I’m watching lately is keeping up with Interview with the Vampire. Over a year ago, I mentioned back how much I liked the first season. It is keeping the good stuff. I am very curious to see where it goes, especially with Daniel and Armand. In the books the two of them end up in a toxic codependent relationship. The way Daniel is needling Armand and Louis in the interview and the flash of the past Daniel keeps seeing are really grabbing my attention. 

Also, digging up that link from a year and a half ago is making me realize how much I need to get back to consuming new media. I’ve not had much time. I’ll need to fix that now that videogame stuff is out the door. 

In the meantime, I’ve also been getting back into running. There are bunnies on my jogging route! Look at this little guy!

That’s all for this month! Take care. 

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