Headed to New York Comic Con

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Hey folks! I’m off to New York Comic Con. It’s my last con of the year and it’s a big one. I’ll be in Artist Alley table H-22. That’s right smack in the middle of everything. It will be me and my buddy Jose Pimienta. 
Speaking  of Jose, right after Rose City this month him and I took a small roadtrip. I rented a Uhaul and loaded all my stock into it. We drop up to White Squirrel’s head quarters. So they are officially in charge of my store. My merch should ship faster now, since I’m not sending it out in the middle of doing a bunch of other stuff. 
I’m gonna make time to post more art this month, even though I am still focusing on writing. I got a list of stuff I need to design for You are the Chosen One. The first image of the month is up already on my website and on my instagram
I’ve still been reading a bunch of manga on the Shonen Jump app. I think I caught up on all the titled that jumped out at me. I mentioned Promised Neverland last month and that was definitely the stand out as far as current manga goes. I also liked Demon Slayer for the characters and the art, Bakuman for the look into the making of manga without pulling it’s punches about the brutal work schedule, and HunterxHunter for putting a twist on standard shonen story tropes.
Also, this morning I read NekogaHara: Stray Cat Samurai. It was much darker than I expected a story about cat samurai’s to be. The main cat is an old wondering samurai, who has PTSD and is addicted to catnip. He is looking for his human owner (the way the cats talk about humans in this is interesting because it’s sorta like they are talking about gods). However, he is so out of it from his poor mental health and drugs, it’s unclear if his human was still alive. I don’t know if I like it yet, since it was so far from what I expected but I’m gonna keep reading for a few more volumes. Even if the story ends up not being to my taste, the art is at least very interesting. 
My patreon is super close to meeting the first goal. If I get a handful more patreon backers, I will start posting reference photos on my website again. The patreon money for this month is still going to a new printer. That will be where the month goes for at least one more month after this one. 
Heres what you might have missed from me last month:

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