Happy New Year Everyone!

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Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

 Last year, I was focusing on restructuring some stuff. Last year, I shifted how I interacted with the internet and social media. I did successfully keep up with this newsletter each month, (which I didn’t keep up with in previous years. Now that I’ve stuck with it, I realized it was a bit rambly and disorganized. It made me get a little stuck now and then. So I made these little section breaks/headers. I think it will also allow you all to job to whatever parts of the newletter interest you the most.

Jumping into the New Year, I’m happy to announce that You are the Chosen One will be returning to updates on my Patreon. Since Patreon is not very good at letting people read comics, I’m posting some PDFs of each chapter. Then people can read them in one go. So now is a good time to jump on and catch up with You are the Chosen One. Please back my patreon!

This months discord movie night is gonna be Jan 6th at 5pm PST. We will be watching Ginger Snaps. So if you wanna pop in to watch some teen girl werewolves pop on in!

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

  • Tuesday 8pm-10pm PST
  • Wednesday 8pm-10pm PST
  • Thursday 6pm-9pm PST (during the Iron Circus Geekshow)

Beside reworking the ordering on my newsletter. I’m figuring out the new social media landscape. In a couple of past newsletters I mentioned hiring help posting on social media sites. Twitter still being in the middle of imploding really pushed me to work on that and follow through on it. So if you’ve noticed my tumblr or facebook has been more active, that’s why. Now that my new assistant and I have decent system for the bigger more established sites, we are gonna work on a system for newer ones like Cohost, Pillowfort, and mastadon.

Anyway, here’s where you can find me:

Once that social media stuff is sorted, I’m gonna start working on cleaning up my twitch. I need to sit down and add some features like a bot that autoposts in the chat some links. Maybe make a little pngtuber icon.

Meanwhile, I’m prepping the final bits and pieces of Failure to Launch, the anthology I’m editing for Iron Circus. The crowdfund goes live next month, so there is a lot of tiny things that need to get sorted before things go live. But the book is great! I’m excited for people to see it.

Also, I recently watched and enjoyed my pal Abby Howard stream her indie game Scarlet Hollow. She got some folks to read all the characters with her and her partner while playing.

It got me thinking that would be fun to do a live reading of my City Between comics. So I’ve been organizing some friends to read different characters in Fame and Misfortune. I haven’t set a date yet, but after reading it, I’ll answer reader questions. Please post any readers you have on this public patreon post. Next newletter I’ll have a date the stream is happening, and I’ll post it on youtube after. 

In the mean time, I posted this last year but reviews for books do help them do better on various sites algorithm. So if you have a moment give some reviews to my books on Amazon or on Goodreads.

Other plans for this month are to try to build some habits that will help me with my new year’s resolutions. Like I wanted to get back into exercising regularly. I fell off it half way through the year. The only stuck with it about once a week. So I gotta get back on the work out horse.

I also still have a shelf of graphic novels I’ve bought but haven’t read yet. So I’m gonna try to do one a day, or at least one a week. I’ll post about my favorites here.

I mentioned last month that I was mostly drawing. So it was a fairly chill December (ba-dum-tish). But if you might have missed me and Spike streaming on Christmas. We ended up raising $300 for NARAL and had fun playing some Rimworld. 

Also, just today it was announce Woman in the Woods is finalist for the Cybils Awards! It’s up for best Middle Grade Graphic Novel.

Also, question for you all:

  • Do you like the order these are all in?
  • I was also thinking about putting each months City Between pages and an art around up at the end of each month’s newletter. Would that be something you’d all be interested in? Or would it make the newletter have too much scrolling.

Thanks for all your support!

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