February Newsletter: Headed To Emerald City Comic Con And Launching A Kickstarter

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Hey folks, my biggest thing happening for me this month is I’ll be launching a Kickstarter for Murky Water. It will launch Feb 19th, click here to get an email as soon as I hit go. Get ready!

Also I’ll be at Emerald City Comic! My booth is 20201. I don’t know where that is because Reedpop hasn’t put a map up for Emerald City. Honestly, I’m super frustrated with Reedpop. There get worse and worse every year. I don’t know what I can do about it. Something has gone wrong with my table there every year. I always gotta make an angry phone call to them. I’m gonna try to work out next year at the show this year.

This month my discord is gonna be watching Dog Soldiers! Join me and some other folks February 24th at 3pm PST to hang out and watch some werewolf nonsense. Join in here!

As always I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Bones and I are still planning to stream some video games but we both got to get stuff off our plate.

I have been buried in Seven Seas manga editing this month. Honestly it left me kinda exhausted. But I did more reader question comics. If you got one let me know.

I’m almost done with my videogame art. Now that Seven Seas is gonna be less crazy, I’ll get it finished this month. There’s just a setting left. Having one less thing off my plate will be a relief.

I’m trying to set up my promo for the Murky Water kickstarter. Honestly, I’m kinda worried about it. I’ve mentioned before that social media really burns me out faster than anything else. This got linked in a comic discord I’m in and it honestly felt very true to me. And with twitter falling apart it seems to just be getting worse. Kickstarter promo is a lot of work. So I’m hoping I can still get mine over goal. I’ve also been watching my patreon decrease and I know that is partly because the economy is bad and times are rough for everyone. But it is also because I haven’t really had time to push patreon to new people unless it’s at con. So fingers crossed. Please back my patreon and buy my book when it’s on kickstarter. 

One to more positive stuff! Today I reached one of my fitness goals! I did 100 squats in a row! Now I’m gonna work on core strength more. Eventually, I’ll be able to do all the One Punch Man work out. I have been liking getting up in the morning and doing it first thing. Kinda good at waking me up.

I was gonna start to do little mini reviews. But Seven Seas basically gave me double the workload in January. So I haven’t had time to dig into that. I will probably wait until after my Kickstarter to start doing. Ya know, get videogame work out of the way before adding a new thing. 

Anyway, next month’s newletter, I’ll have a bunch of podcasts to link you all to. Thanks again for your support! Have a good one.

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