All Moved!

I have officially finished moving (except I need to hang up some more art). I got some big stuff like the pictures above, but I’m waiting for the framing place to finish up with some smaller pieces. Those will be done next week. The stuff in the photo above are the leads from Berserk as drawn by Robert Wilson in the big frames, the Iron Giant by Patric Renyolds, and the Sailor Scouts by Chira. Not in the picture is I framed and hung up prints of the illustrations from Cycle of the Werewolf and a very nice Tales of Earthsea print by Charles Vess. Basically it’s a poster of this:

The other stuff I want to make sure I have all the smaller pieces frames to they look nice together. In particular I have a big Discworld print that I don’t want to hang up until I have some smaller Discworld stuff framed too. That way the match/are symmetrical. 

I’ll be sure to post pictures in next months newsletter when they are all up.  

Last month allergies and Benadryl caused me to sleep through when my discord was supposed to watch Late Phases. So this month I’m gonna give it one more try on this movie. 

So Thursday May 23rd, join me in my discord at 4pm PST to watch Late Phases

Also, I’m currently out of town, but after the 8th I’ll be back to streaming regularly. I’ll be streaming art on Twitch. My schedule is currently the following:

Also, a new stream will be happening on Sundays at 8pm PST. I’m gonna stream playing Baldur’s Gate 3. I’m playing as a tiefling bard. I just started, so if you join me Sunday the 12th, you’ll have only missed me playing the tutorial section. And if you want to watch me play the tutorial, I posted it on my youtube.

This is my tiefling. Aren’t they pretty? u_u
They have max charisma and dexterity. But their constitution and strength are as low as possible. Breathing on them too hard will kill him. Should be fun.

Moving and allergies killing my thoughts ate up all my time. So really the first Baldur’s Gate stream is the only thing someone might have missed. 

Part of why I’m streaming Baldur’s Gate is because I still have a lot to do. But I really want to play. So if I limit it to while I’m streaming, that will stop me from playing all day every day until I beat the game. 

I still have a couple of loose ends to tie up for the videogame Teething. But I should be done with those this week. It’s just some icons. I also realized Shards of Reflections is almost done. So I’m working on scripting the next City Between story titled Glass Diamonds. It’s about Rebecca. It’s been fun getting back into the swing of writing her in all her grumbling. 

Those are gonna be the main focus this month work wise. 

Other than those I just finished watching the Fallout tv show. I liked it for the most part. It does a good job of mixing in the humor the games have in with the plot. But waiting it did make me think about how stories never seem interested in rebuilding. Basically, I remember Hbomberguy saying in his video covering Fallout: New Vegas that it was the last time the Fallout series tried to move the world forward. Like the NCR have developed enough that they had remade money, but Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 went back to using caps as currency. While the show is its own timeline, it still kinda has the thing of setting things back to square one. So Fallout is kinda stuck at same state even though it’s been 200 years. 

It’s not really the fault of the show itself, but more just an observation that we don’t get make stories willing to show something new being built. 

That’s all I got for the month. Thanks for your support everyone! Take care. Please remember to check out and back my patreon!

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