Can I Pet Your Werewolf PDF


A different take on those who get fluffy under a full moon. This is a collection of goofy, cute, and sweet werewolf stories.

A black and white, 160 page book of comicbook. It includes work by:

  • Kel McDonald
  • Meredith McClaren
  • Rhinnon RS
  • Melanie Ujimori
  • Molly Muldoon
  • Alina Pete
  • Zach Lehner
  • Rashad Doucet
  • Seanan McGuire
  • Monica Gallagher
  • Caitlin Like
  • Mariah McCourt
  • Aliz Fernández
  • Kendra Wells
  • Nilah Magruder
  • Sophie Goldstein
  • Shauna Grant
  • Cat Farris
  • Aud Koch

Cover art by Melanie Ujimori

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