• Seven Seize the Means of Production

    Hey folks! It’s June! That’s my birthday month. This past month does have some exciting news. I mentioned a couple of newsletters ago that I was working as an editor for Seven Seas. It was announced last week that Seven Seas is unionizing. We posted out mission statement. Please show your support on social media. We have some fun cute mascots for you to post. 

    I’m very exited for this to move forward. Everyone I’ve talked to in comic publishing (not just at Seven Seas) has mentioned burned out and being over worked. I hope this can be the first step to making things better across the industry. 

    In the meantime, I’m still working on You are the Chosen One and Murky Water. I’m going to San Diego Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con this summer. So I want to make sure I’m ahead there. But I also want to make sure I’m ahead so I have time to make some You are the Chosen One promo images. 

    Speaking of San Diego Comic Con, I’m nominated for an Eisner! I edited the anthology You Died has been nominated for best anthology. It’s very exciting and hope we win! The anthology is great and everyone worked hard on it. You can grab a copy here.

    I’ve been keeping up with streaming and it has been fun. Since social media posting kinda burns me out, I think streaming more is a good replacement. One top of doing game night on Mondays and drawing streaming Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I’m adding two more streams. Sunday nights me and my friend Amanda are watching classic movies and talking about them. It’s part of a new show called Movies by Osmosis. The set up is Amanda hasn’t seen a lot of classic movies and only knows about them through popular. Last Sunday we watched Little Shop of Horrors. This Sunday we are gonna watch Taxi Driver

    Also, Spike, Amanda, and I are rebranding and bringing back Dirty Old Ladies as Iron Circus Geekshow. I always kinda was iffy on the title because in my opinion it didn’t really make it clear what the show was about. So rebranding it as Iron Circus Geekshow makes it a little clearer. And it being an official Iron Circus thing makes sense because a lot of Iron Circus related stuff always got brought up a lot. We are gonna stream it live, so stop by if you can. It will be on the ICC youtube, but I’ll be mirroring it on my twitch. 

    While working this month, I’ve been rewatching Star Trek Deep Space 9. It’s my favorite Star Trek. I like the ongoing story of rebuilding Bajour more than the planet of the week adventures in other Treks. And to bring it back around, I love that there is a union episode. I like a lot of the Ferengi plot lines like the feminism subplot through the seasons. 

    While rewatching DS9 and talking about it with friends, Kory Bing linked me to Catie Rowley’s artwork. She did some really fun redesigns of different Star Trek aliens. It’s fun to see the reinterpretation where they aren’t limited by makeup and effects budget. I especially liked the way she draws Garak and Bashir together. 

    That’s all for this month. But before I go, I have a couple of questions. Please me know your answers in the comments on the mirror post of this on my patreon. Would any of you be interested in a discord group for talking about my stuff? And would you want patreon posts reminding folks about what I’m streaming that day?

    Anyway, thanks for your support. And have a good month. 

  • Murky Water page 75 is up

    Murky Water page 75 is up. You can also read pages early by backing my patreon. Right now you can read page 79.

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    Murky Water page 74 is up. You can also read pages early by backing my patreon. Right now you can read page 78.

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