Sleep of Reason PDF Ebook


The Sleep of Reason is a unique and unsettling anthology book.  It features original black-and-white horror stories by the following creators.

  • Ainsley Seago & Tristan Harrington
  • Blue Delliquanti
  • britt c. h.
  • Brittney Sabo
  • C. Spike Trotman
  • Carla Speed McNeil
  • Der-shing Helmer
  • Evan Dahm
  • Gabby Schulz
  • Gerald Swanson
  • Greg Stolze & Langdon Foss
  • Hillary Blair
  • Isaiah Smalley & Kev Anderson
  • Jason Bradley Thompson
  • KC Green
  • Kit Goode & Liz Edwards
  • Kristin Cheney
  • Lety R-Z & Stevan Zivadinovic
  • Lin Visel & J.R. Cullen
  • Meg Gandy
  • Melanie Gillman
  • Rachel Edidin & Kel McDonald
  • Randal Milholland
  • Savannah Horrocks
  • Sophie Goldstein
  • Ty & Lee Blauersouth

There are no zombies here.  No vampires or werewolves.  No familiar solutions.  No safe havens.  Instead, we offer new landscapes of dread.  New icons of terror.  New arts of horror.

The sleep of reason produces monsters.  Let us give you something to be afraid of.

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